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About Us

About Weddink

At Weddink, we simply love weddings and strive to give you the platform to make your Wedding day the best it can be. We’re a hip, dynamic and innovative printing company that has your Special Day and creative interests at heart. We’re on the pulse of what is hot and happening and the best news is that it’s all because of you! In all honesty, we’d be nothing without you; you provide the beautiful artwork, the breath-taking photos and the graphics that ooze the creativity that our printing company thrives on. We simply make it a reality by giving it form and function!

Try us on for size; whether it’s the T-shirts for your Bachelorette Party, Stationery for your Wedding day, or a Canvas to capture your favourite Wedding pic, we’ve got the equipment to make it shine!

  • Wedding Stationery
  • Wedding Reception Decor
  • Wedding T-Shirts
  • Wedding Stickers & Magnets
  • Canvas Prints
  • Poster Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Aluminium Prints
  • Phone Covers
  • Calendars

  • Your beautifully personalised Wedding Prints can also be shared on any of your social networks for comments by friends and family before you finalise it for printing in our state of the art Printing factory.

    Why Weddink

    The real question should be, “why not?”

    Weddink makes “I DO” easy! Get ready to take personalised design to a whole new level! Weddink integrates with your daily experiences in such a way that it fits seamlessly into your life allowing you the opportunity to create stunning personalised printing for you and your loved ones, with little to no design experience required!